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The Original-Paver Boss WL Plus-SB, Wet Look Formula, 5 Gallon Option


Paver Boss WL Plus-SB Deep Penetrating Wet Look for Pavers is a penetrating solvent-based sealer designed for decorative pavers and paver stones. Will enhance surface color and give a nice wet look appearance while adding ultra protection.

Available in 1 gallon cans, 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums

*Engineered for concrete pavers.



The Original-Paver Boss WL Plus-SB, Wet Look, 5 Gallon Pail

Paver Boss WL Plus-SB, Deep Penetrating Wet Look for Pavers is a penetrating solvent-based sealer designed for brick and concrete pavers. Application of Paver Boss WL Plus-SB will enhance the color and give a wet look without adding the gloss and associated with traditional film forming sealers. However, a GLOSS version is available. Once treated, the surface repels water and oil to prevent staining.

Stain & Oil Resistant
Water Resistant
Enhances & Preserves Natural Color

Clean dirt, wax, grease, oil, and other contaminants from the surface. Be sure to remove any foreign coating unless previous coating is same or similar solvent based sealer or stain. Make sure the surface is clean, dry, and sound. Clean oily concrete with Citri Boss CLEANER DEGREASER NEUTRALIZER or other degreasing soap. Use a bristle brush for heavily oiled spots. If surface is not adequately porous, etch and CLEAN. Rinse well with a pressure washer. Allow 24 hours to dry. Apply only when surface and air temperatures are above 50° F and below 90° F.  Sweep away any loose sand.

Brush may be used where roller or sprayer won’t reach. Do not pour directly from can to pavers. Apply evenly from can or other metal container with appropriate roller. If rolling, use a solvent resistant nap roller. Cross-roll the second coat perpendicular to the first coat. Do not allow to puddle. If spraying, use an acetone resistant pump sprayer and clean up immediately with aromatic solvent or Xylene. Do not thin product. Foot traffic should be avoided for 4 hours. Vehicle traffic should be avoided for 48 hours. Cooler temperatures or increased humidity will slow the dry.

Two thin coats are recommended. Over application may result in a slick surface.
Concrete Pavers: 250 ft² per gallon

If surface becomes slick or blisters due to over application, soak the surface with Solvent or Xylene and roll.

Clean tools with Solvent, Xylene or Acetone.

Clean sealed surface with water and detergents as needed. Re-seal surface no more often than every two years or as needed to prevent buildup of sealer.

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