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High Gloss Floor Polyaspartic Coating ColorTec 180™


Commercial Grade High Gloss Colored Floor Polyaspartic Coating ColorTec 180™ Includes both A & B parts.


SureCrete’s industrial grade concrete colored floor polyaspartic coating products are contractors choice for fast drying high traffic interior high gloss durable flooring.

SureCrete’s Dura-Kote ColorTec 180™ is a high gloss commercial grade colored floor polyaspartic product specially formulated to dry fast with an 88% solids content. SureCrete Dura-Kote DK 180 is a hybrid solvent based pigmented polyaspartic for professional use only. Unlike many polyaspartics on the market, it is a high-performance coating with a user-friendly pot life of approximately 10 minutes and the ability to create a moderate build (7 mils cured) base coat for full broadcast flake system. Turnaround time for a garage floor flake system may be as little as six hours.

Dura-Kote PFC-280 colored floor polyaspartic provides a low VOC (less than 150 g/L), penetrating, film forming, high gloss, UV stable, fade resistant pigments for a durable colored floor as well as a base coat on a flake floor system. The rapid cure time eliminates excessive waiting to return a floor to service. It is ideally suited for both commercial and residential settings where high traffic is present: aircraft hangars, clean room floors, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, bars, clubs, retail stores, automotive showrooms, residential interiors, garage floors, stadiums, or any high traffic area where an exceedingly resilient garage floor flake system is desired.

The ability to create a beautiful flake floor in just one day can open many doors regarding not only project locations but also scope. Large retailers will be much more willing to close their doors early and have work performed overnight than to be unavailable to their customers for an entire business day. Please remember that systems using the PFC-280 product like the One Day Polyaspartic Garage Floor flake system are intended to be applied only by trained professional contractors.

Gloss Colored Floor Polyaspartic Coating Typical applications:
One Day Retail Colored Flooring
Single Day Commercial Concrete Floors
Garage Floor Flake System
Fast-Curing Service Industrial Flooring
Single Day Hotel and Resort Floors
High-Traffic Interior Floors
Fast Turn-Around Flooring Projects
One Day Residential Living Areas

How to Apply Commercial Grade High Gloss Colored Floor Polyaspartic Coating?


Any surface that is about to be sealed needs to be completely cured, clean and free of all contaminants and fully profiled and etched.
Make sure that temperatures will remain between 32 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity to stay below 75% for at least 12 hours following application.
As a by-product of its very fast curing properties, PFC-280 is extremely sensitive to moisture in the substrate it is applied to, so care should be taken to keep moisture in the concrete near zero.
Before using PFC-280 garage floor flake system to your surface, please contact your SureCrete Design Products manufacturer’s representative for detailed instructions and advice for your particular floor coating application.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Grade High Gloss Colored Floor Polyaspartic Coating:
Question: What’s the difference between a Colored Floor Polyaspartic Coating and Epoxy When Flaking a Floor?
Answer: Pigmented polyaspartics, in most cases, cure and dry faster allowing for the applicator to have less down time before the floor can go back into use. Surface preparation is the same for both epoxy and polyaspartic flake flooring systems.

Question: Who should attempt to use colored floor polyaspartic System?
Answer: Due to the nature of the speed of Polyaspartic coatings, they have been specifically designed for trained professionals who have learned the essential timeframes for mixing, application, drying and re-coat timelines. First-time contractors and do-it-yourself applicators are NOT advised to use this line.

Question: The pigment in my container of PFC-280 looks like it has separated, is that bad?
Answer: No. That can be a normal situation for all pigment used to create the color chosen. The pigments will not stay suspended forever. When this occurs, it is not a sign that the product is bad. Utilizing a resin mixing blade on a low to medium speed setting, mix the product up until all color is dispersed evenly into the product. Some color residue may be present, but will finish mixing in once you start the process of mixing the curing agent into “Part A”.

Question: Do I have to mix Dura-Kote Polyaspartic as long as instructed?
Answer: Yes, this timeline is essential. In some cases, such as in cooler temperatures, increasing the mixing time would be appropriate.

Specifications and Properties of Dura-Kote Colored Floor Polyaspartic Coating:
Coverage Approx 150-200 square foot per gallon, per coat (varies widely based on substrate porosity and application methods)
VOC Rating less than 150 g/L
Solids Content 88%
Pot Life approx 10 minutes
Shelf Life 1 year in original unopened container
Ready for recoat 2-3 hours (6-8 hours at low temperatures)
Light Duty Use 4-6 hours (Up to 24 hours at low temperatures)
Heavy Traffic Ready 48-72 hours (4-6 days at low temperatures)
Full Cure 48-72 hours (Up to 7 days at low temperatures)
Appearance (cured) Colored Gloss Sheen
Appearance (wet) Varies by Color Selection
Water Resistance Excellent, beads water
Mechanical Stability Excellent
Light Stability Excellent
Odor Aromatic
Application Temperature 32 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit
Gardener direct / Reverse impact More than 160-inch pounds
Taber Abrasion 40-60 mg loss
Gloss Retention More than 95% at 2,000 hours

Commercial Testing Data on SureCrete’s High Gloss Colored Floor Polyaspartic Coating
MEK (methyl ehtyl ketone) fails at 24 hours, 7 days
Xylene fails at 24 hours, 7 days
Tap Water no effect at 24 hours, 7 days
Mineral Spirits no effect at 24 hours, 7 days
100% Ethanol no effect at 24 hours, 7 days
10% Acetic Acid no effect at 24 hours, fails at 7 days
50% Sodium Hydroxide no effect at 24 hours, 7 days
85% Lactic Acid no effect at 24 hours, fails at 7 days
50% Sulfuric Acid no effect at 24 hours, 7 days
38% Hydrochloric Acid no effect at 24 hours, 7 days
28% Ammonia no effect at 24 hours, 7 days
Gasoline no effect at 24 hours, 7 days
Diesel Fuel no effect at 24 hours, 7 days
Kerosene no effect at 24 hours, 7 days
Brake Fluid softens at 24 hours, fails at 7 days
Skydrol no effect at 24 hours, dulls at 7 days
Transmission Fluid no effect at 24 hours, 7 days
Coffee no effect at 24 hours, 7 days
Cola no effect at 24 hours, 7 days

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1 Gallon, 4 Gallon


Almond, Antique White, Blue Fog, Brown Derby, Caribbean Cream, Charcoal, Chocolate, Concrete Gray, Coral, Dark Walnut, Desert Sand, Dove Gray, Gray, Green Slate, Ivory, Limestone, Maplewood, Mint, Natural White, Old Brick, Putty, Redwood, Sand Buff, Silver, Smoke, Spice, Sun Buff, Taupe, Terra Cotta, Tile Red


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