The Original-Aqua Boss XR Halo-75, Natural Look Formula, 5 Gallon Option


Aqua Boss XR-Halo Invisible Penetrating Sealer is a breathable, penetrating sealer that protects by repelling water on concrete and paver surfaces without changing appearance. Goes down easy with an invisible appearance.

Available in 1-gallon cans, 5-gallon pails, & 55-gallon drums

*Amazing Natural Look Repellant

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The Original-Aqua Boss XR Halo-75, Natural Look, 5 Gallon Option

The Original-Aqua Boss XR Halo-75 is a water based siloxane/silane water repellent and impregnating agent for porous masonry surfaces such as concrete, block, brick, and unglazed tile.  The Original-Aqua Boss XR Halo-75 will penetrate and chemically bond deep within the substrate to provide long lasting protection against deterioration or staining due to water conditions. The Original-Aqua Boss XR Halo-75 will not impair the natural breathing characteristics of treated substrates, nor will it produce a film.

The Original-Aqua Boss XR Halo-75 will help concrete and masonry surfaces to resist common issues such as cracking, efflorescence, spalling, staining, and other damages caused by intrusion of water.


Concrete & Cementitious Surfaces
Pavers / Brick / Clay Brick
Slate Surfaces
All Light Commercial
Loading Docks and Ramps
Parking Structures
Marine Piers & Pilings
Multi-Family Housing
Theme & Water Parks
Healthcare & Educational
Government & Historical
Industrial & Business Parks
Warehousing Flooring

Key Features:​​​

  • Non film forming.

  • Deeply penetrates porous surfaces, it provides excellent water repellency, while allowing surface to breathe.

  • Superior efflorescence and strong alkali resistance

  • Zero VOC

Specifications / Compliances

  • Meets OTC, CARB, LADCO & SCAQMD VOC restrictions.


Packaged in 1 gallon (3.79 L) containers, 5 gallon (18.95 L) pails, and 55 gallon (208.45 L) drums.

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