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Mapei-Ultratop SP Fine Aggregate Polishable Overlay


High-Performance, Polishable, Self-Leveling Topping for a Fine-Aggregate Finish. Ultratop SP is a cementitious topping that provides a beautiful finish that will last and is engineered for fast-track resurfacing of horizontal wear surfaces.

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Mapei Ultratop SP Fine Aggregate Polishable Overlay

Ultratop SP is a polishable, self-leveling, cementitious topping that provides a
fine-aggregate exposed finish. Ultratop SP is engineered for fast-track resurfacing
of horizontal wear surfaces.

• Easily installed from 3/8″ to 2″ (10 mm to 5 cm)
Quickly hardens within 2 to 3 hours; polishable in as soon as 24 hours
• For diamond-polishing guidelines, see the technical bulletin “Polishing Ultratop” in the Concrete      Restoration Systems section of MAPEI’s Website.
• Available in gray color
• Although already extended with coarser aggregates, Ultratop SP can be
extended with decorative aggregate up to 1/4″ (6 mm) in size, resulting in
unlimited finished appearances.

• For interior use only
• Suitable for light vehicular traffic in commercial, industrial and residential
• For professional use only

• Concrete must be structurally sound, dry, stable and cured for at least 28 days.

Consult MAPEI’s CRS Technical Services Department for installation
recommendations regarding substrates and conditions not listed.

• Concrete surfaces must be clean and free of loose particles, efflorescence,
paints, tars, grease, asphaltic materials, bond breakers, curing compounds,
wax and any foreign substances.

Mechanically profile and prepare concrete surfaces by engineer-approved
methods in accordance with the most current ICRI 310.2R Guidelines,
having a minimum ICRI concrete surface profile (CSP) of at least #3.
• Always use caulking or foam tape to round off any sharp corners that
protrude into the room receiving the topping, as well as column bases,
supports and equipment pedestals, etc., including the use of foam tape
around the perimeter of the pour.

Always prime the prepared surface with MAPEI’s Primer SN ™ and squeegee
it into place, scrub it into the substrate, and then back-roll to ensure a uniform
application at a thickness of 15 to 20 wet mils. While Primer SN is still wet,
follow immediately with a full sand broadcast (to rejection) with #16 to #30
mesh sand or #10 to #20 mesh sand. After Primer SN has cured for at least
16 hours, vacuum up the excess sand. Alternative primers such as MAPEI’s
fast-setting Primer SN Fast can be used in accordance with Technical Data
Sheets. Consult MAPEI’s CRS Technical Services Department for

• All existing construction/control/expansion joints, or saw cuts, and all moving
cracks must be honored up through the topping by installing a suitable joint
filler in control joints, a suitable sealant in isolation joints, or a suitable epoxy
injection material in cracks. Ultratop SP must not be installed over any joints
or any cracks if they are not properly honored. If not, the control joint or any
cracks will cause Ultratop SP to show cracks or pattern reflective after Ultratop
SP has been installed. MAPEI cannot be responsible for problems that arise
from existing cracks, new cracks or joints that may develop after Ultratop SP
has been installed.


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